Wolfdown’s lower dining area and bar. Photo Joanne Kim.

Wolfdown’s lower dining area and bar. Photo Joanne Kim.


Silver Lake residents and restaurateurs Chrissy Kim and Jason Kim create restaurants that value the experience of eating well. In 2010, they opened Forage in the heart of Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction, bringing a market-driven menu and a fast-casual counter service format that ignited both citywide and worldwide attention with a bold invitation to home growers to supply them with produce grown in local backyards.

In 2017, they opened Wolfdown, their Silver Lake second act, with a unique location on the other side of the neighborhood and a concept on the other end of the dining spectrum: Elevated dinner service with a menu driven by a curiosity and reverence for the rich cultural polyglot informing the way Los Angeles eats. Award-winning Studio MAI was commissioned to design Wolfdown’s interior experience. Behind the restaurant’s unassuming street facade, a refreshing combination of indoor and outdoor dining areas welcome guests into a cozy and woodsy cabin-esque space.

With endless inspirations from the sheer depth of the L.A. foodscape, and a personal obsession with representing Angeleno cuisine in a thoughtful, intimate, and memorable experience, chef/owner Jason Kim developed an eclectic and innovative menu that dared to please guests with everything from warm celery root salad and coconut black rice to patatas bravas and pork toro.

The restaurant’s food, service, and setting all equally accumulate accolades as delightful, enchanting, surprising, and top-notch. After four growing seasons of combining local farm produce with Angeleno culinary styles, Kim found himself gravitating over and over again to Korean-inspired dishes. The foods of his upbringing and of all-hours forays into Koreatown kept bringing him back to a story of the Korean-Angeleno cuisine meaning to be understood, told, and tasted.

A year after opening, Kim re-focused the Wolfdown menu with a Korean-inspired lens, and recruited fellow Korean-Angeleno chef Susan Yoon to design dishes that tap into a culinary tradition that resonates on cultural, regional, familiar, and personal levels.

Explore the Wolfdown menu to see a Korean-inspired take on the best seasonal produce Southern California has to offer.

Visit Wolfdown on the quiet side of Silver Lake, on Rowena Avenue, where the neighborhood greets the Los Feliz foothills and the Los Angeles River. Get directions here.

Dine in earshot of Wolfdown's open kitchen, linger at the bar, or enjoy eating under the open sky on our patio. Make a reservation here.